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Laser Summer Series Kicks Off

The first race of our Summer Series was held today at Willoughby Leisure Centre in sunny conditions.

Seven biathletes raced over the course set earlier by Mark on the netball courts.

We skied 5 loops with 4 shoots (Prone-Standing-Prone-Standing).

After some time adjustments due to penalties and timeouts, Mark was first (by just 10 seconds), with Isobel second and David third.

Paul & Curtis enjoyed their first Laser biathlon event with us.

Juel won her Run-Shoot event.

Once the main event was complete, Mark organised a relay: Odds vs Evens. Each racer skied one loop then shot before your teammate started their loop. We each did one loop Prone and one Standing. There were no penalties so you just kept shooting until you had hit 5 targets!

After a tussle during the race, the "Even" team won at a canter. However, Curtis impressed with 5 out of 5 on his Standing shoot with all people watching!

All racers enjoyed themselves on the day.

Thankyou to Mark for organising the program and to Phil, Gen, Steven and James who assisted with the race.

A well earned coffee after the racing.



Mark heading out on the final loop of the relay

Concentrating in the range


Juel and Paul

Malfunction on the range!

Juel shooting Prone

Mark starting the main event