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Race Report - Australian Biathlon championships - 2019

The Australian Biathlon championships were run at Mt Hotham, Victoria and once again it was a very strong showing from the NSW athletes. Well done to everyone. They can be all proud of their results. It was the result of training hard all year-round. The juniors in particular have improved a lot in the last 12 months.

Open (Women)

Current and future star Jillian Colebourn showed everyone how it was done with 1st in the Individual and Sprint. Jill skied strongly and had a very low penalty count.

Masters (Mens) – over 35 years old

Nour Tarraf won his first Australian title by winning the Individual race. He followed this up with a 2nd in the Sprint event.

Under 19 (Women)

This is one of the feistiest fought categories and has a number of future stars. Isabella Moon won both the Individual race Sunday's Sprint race. Lulu Miskin was close behind coming second in the Individual event the Sunday Sprint race. Chelsey Johnson is a recent addition to this group. She came 3rd in the Individual race and 4th in the Sprint race. For someone who has recently come into the sport of Biathlon Chelsey shot very well.

Isabelle Patterson wasn’t able to compete due to a sports injury.

Under 19 (Men)

David Patterson came 4th in the Individual and Sprint races. David skied well but his shooting let him down on the Saturday.

Under 22 (Men)

Will Neuhaus came 2nd in the Sprint event.

Veterans (Men) – over 55 years old

John Joyce used his strong shooting skills to come 2nd in the Individual and Sprint events.

Three of the biathletes