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NSW Roller-ski Championships

The NSW Rollerski Championships were held in Glendenning, Western Sydney today. It was a tough competition with hot and humid weather.

The feature race was a 3.18 km route with an individual start against the clock. Glendenning offers a course that is flat but there is no rest. You have to get up to maximum speed and stay there for the entire 3+ km.

The second race was a Laser Biathlon with each competitor skiing the course then shooting a Laser rifle at 5 targets. Each miss added a 15 second time penalty. After the shoot you had to ski the next leg. So the order was ski - prone - ski - standing - ski - prone - ski - standing and a final ski. Despite the much shorter roller-ski leg it was very tiring. Did I mention the heat and humidity!

Race Winners

Masters Women - Jenny Kent

Masters Men - Nour Eldin Tarraf

U13 Men - Alberto Allan

Veteran Women - Juel Briggs

Veteran Men - John Joyce

A big thank-you to everyone at the Australian Biathlon Association, Rollerski Australia and Western Sydney council.