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IBU Announces Plans for First Trimester of World Cup Season 2020-2021

The IBU today issued a press release on the race schedule for Trimester 1, 2020-2021.

Read the complete article here. https://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/ibu-announces-plans-for-first-trimester-of-world-cup-season

Highlights of the article:

Safety is the primary driver, accordingly the IBU has planned events to minimize travel. A full world cup calendar of events is anticipated but organizers have agreed to reduce the number of competition locations on the circuit.

*World Cup 1 & 2 will be held at Kontiolahti, Finland

*World Cup 3 & 4 will be held at Hochfilzen, Austria

*World Championships 9-21 February 2021 is confirmed to be at Pokljuka, Slovenia

*World Cups in Trimester 2/January 2021 - competition locations will be decided in October 2020

*World Cups in Trimester 3/February and March 2021 - competition locations will be decided in November 2020

*IBU Cup - as earlier announced, there will be no IBU Cup events in Trimester 1. IBU Cup Competition is planned to commence 11 January 2021 at Arber Germany. Following the same principles of minimizing travel, there will be just 4 venues in the IBU cup calendar - Arber, Poland, Brezno-Osrblie (SVK) and Ridnaun (ITA)

* The adjusted IBU Cup race calendar may be found here: https://biathlonresults.com/

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* All IBU Junior events have been cancelled for 2020-2021, with the exception of Junior World Championships on 24 February - 7 March 2021 at Obertilliach Austria.