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Laser Program At Our Hotham Range

ABA's running a laser biathlon program at Dinner Plain, and what a success it is! We had a bluebird day and while there was not enough snow at the range, there were lots of happy participants and enthusiastic parents.  ABA's new EcoAims lasers and targets were a huge hit with their ease of use and especially the screen showing where shots were going.

We're very conscious of COVID-19 restrictions and the safety of our participants, families, volunteers and coaches, and ensuring loads of space between participants, social distancing at all times, disinfecting hands, equipment, mats, no sharing of gear, and spacing out lesson times to ensure thorough disinfecting in between sessions.

There's new face mask provisions next week and we've notified participants to be adequately prepared.
Enjoy the sport, everyone, and stay safe! Congratulations Coach Toscha and Official Brigid!