Target Shooting

Australian Biathlon NSW members practice target shooting at licensed ranges close to their homes. Be sure you select a range that is licensed for prone and standing positions. The technical classification for the range licence is 3 P,  or 3 Positions.


Come and Try

Many ranges have  "Come and Try" events and we suggest you try shooting at a couple of ranges to see which style of range suits.  We are most particular about best practice with safety standards and procedures and we suggest the range you visit must provide for P650's (unlicensed shooters, whether adult or minor), personal and direct one on one supervision. This means the supervisor must be a licensed shooter and must sit right next to the unlicensed person and takes responsibility for the firearm and shooter. 



Safety at all times is paramount.  There are no ranges in NSW licensed by NSW Firearms for "Biathlon" - what this means is that you must train quietly and not disturb other target shooters who practice in a quiet and meditative manner.  

Please be knowledgeable about NSW firearms safety rules. For example, 

  • Cease Fire means exactly that. You must make your firearm safe and stand back immediately behind the red line

  • Use breech flags at all times it is not in use

  • Never move a firearm unless you have checked with the Range Officer

  • The Range Officer's instructions MUST be always followed. 

  • Always be sure lane you shoot from has the appropriate baffle. Baffles can be located at prone, bench, kneeling or standing positions. Be sure you select the baffle is in the correct position for your discipline.


Coaching for biathlon target shooting is provided by our accredited Australian Biathlon shooting coach.


About the Rifles


Learn about Purchasing your first biathlon rifle

We train regularly and you're welcome to see what we do. Please contact us if you'd like to try shooting with a biathlon rifle. We will need to arrange for sufficient numbers of personal supervisors.


Please be aware that while charges by Australian Biathlon are modest, there are costs for the use of any rifle range. You will need to enquire directly with the range.

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