Learn new skills in a safe active environment

Biathlon is an exciting hybrid sport of cross-country skiing and target shooting that teenagers can enjoy.

Biathlon can provide an activity for young people on the weekend in a safe environment with experienced coaches and like-minded peers. They will gain new skills, learn responsibility and have fun.

Safety and learning responsibility

Biathlon is a sport that involves firearms. You must be over 16 years old to use a rifle. Children of any age can use a Laser rifle. 

Novices are given one on one supervision and are required to follow all instructions or they will be removed from the range. Read more about firearms licensing and safety in NSW.

Biathlon – snow meets target shooting

Competitors ski a course then enter a range where they have to shoot 5 targets at a distance of 50 metres away. Every miss is a penalty. Then they repeat the ski and shoot leg multiple times.

Summer biathlon

In the Summer we switch to rollerskis and laser rifles.


An activity that isn’t Fornite or Minecraft

Biathlon will get your teenager out of the house and outdoors where they will learn new skills and have new experiences with other teenagers.

Competition and training

The Australian Biathlon Association (ABA) has members across Australia with active members training in Sydney.

Training and competitions are held in various locations around Sydney. Rollerski sessions are on Sunday mornings all year round.

For teenagers over 16, there are monthly supervised sessions at the Sydney International Shooting Centre.

Winter training is at Mt Hotham, Victoria. Every year a training camp for teens of all abilities is held. Find out about the Future Starts Winter camp.

Every year Australian biathletes go to Livigno Italy for the European Winter camp. They may then choose to compete in Italian and European events.  Find out about the Livigno training camp.

Australia has a number of athletes who are competing in the Youth Winter Olympics, Asian Winter cup, World Cup, IBU and Winter Olympics.

Experienced coaches

The Australian Biathlon Association has a number of experienced coaches including Olympians, current Masters biathletes and guest coaches from Italy.


You can hire equipment for when you first start out.

Please bring:

  • Running shoes

  • A bike helmet

  • Sports clothes

  • Optional: knee and elbow pads, gloves.

Eventually you may wish to purchase your own equipment.

  • Skis – what equipment do you need

  • Rifle – what equipment do you need

  • Rollerskis – what equipment do you need

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