Learn new skills in a safe active environment

The Australian Biathlon Association (ABA) run Laser Biathlon sessions for schools, scouts, Church youth groups and other youth organisations.

Laser Biathlon is based upon the Winter sport of Biathlon. It provides an outdoor activity for young people that is unique and fun.

The ABA provides a session running for 2 hours. It consists of:

- an obstacle/fitness course,

- target shooting using a Laser beam,

- and optional roller-skiing.

(Please note that Roller-skiing requires a smooth and flat road, path or area such as a basketball court that is free of traffic.)

Kids don’t require any preexisting skills or fitness. Just a sense of adventure.


Experienced coaches

The Australian Biathlon Association has a number of experienced coaches, current Masters biathletes and guest coaches including Olympians  and overseas coaches from Italy. Each coach has a Current Working with Children Check.

What to bring

The ABA will bring the laser target system, roller-skis, cones and other fitness equipment.

Please ask the parents/guardians/kids to bring:

  • Running shoes

  • A bike helmet

  • Sports clothes

Optional: knee and elbow pads, gloves.


Events are covered by the ABA's public liability insurance. 


The event is at your premises. We run events across Sydney.

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